I Am The Definitive Fake Guru

I wake up so early.

Your 6am start amuses me. Do you really think you’re for headed for success?

If you want to be wealthy like me, you’ve got to put it in the work. If that means all you do is read self help and you’ll never see your kids again, so be it.

With the right mentor, you too could be a mastermind with total financial freedom.

All you really need is someone who makes six figures a day taking the time out to show you the right way to turn $100 into $1,000,000.

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I’m an entrepreneur.

With years of experience as a real estate investor and online marketing coach, I know how to get reliable results.

That’s why I make a consistent six figures every day trading Forex stocks.

I’ve cracked the code and beat the system so you don’t have to.

Although I’m a self-made multi-millionaire with 15 different sources of income, I am happy to take time out of my busy schedule to teach people like you to be successful - with my simple formula.

But don’t get it twisted, because prosperity comes at a cost.

Hard work and dedication is what separates the wheat from the chaff.

Overnight success is a fantasy, but with discipline and $29.95 a month, I can teach you to build a top-rated Amazon drop-shipping business in just 90 days.

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I came from nothing.

With just $20 in my bank account a couple of years ago, I know financial freedom can sometimes seem so far away.

But if I now make so much money on a daily basis, why would I have so much time on my hands to sit around teaching you to do the same?

The answer is simple; I want to give back. That’s why I spend so much money on expensive, personal luxuries while plastering my ads all over the internet.

You searched for “simple lasagne recipes”

I brought you ‘How to Retire at 30 With One Simple Trick’

You typed in “cash machines near me”

You instead find ‘Quit Your Job And Be Rich | The Millionaire Mindset’

You went looking for the “top 10 cutest puppy videos”

You found ‘How to Get Rich Without Really Doing Anything At All’

Normally, I charge $12,000 for one of my courses, but today for a limited time you can get everything I’ve learned on my journey for just $97.

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I read books.

Books are the key to learning from better people who have it all figured out.

I have two full storage units, full of books.

I read so many books, I had to purchase a second home so I’d have a place to store them all.

I read three new books every day.

It’s important to open your mind to new ways of thinking, and it’s essential to expand your vocabulary to better articulate your thoughts. Teaching yourself to talk the talk is the first step to walking the walk.

Finance. Business. Marketing.

Sophisticated words like these are the mainstays of my vocabulary.

Economic trends. Investment Portfolio. Passive income.

I probably use the phrase ‘passive income’ at least 15 times a day.

Knowledge is power. Wisdom is wealth. Transcend the grind.

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I get guaranteed results.

You have to stop trading your time for money; just keep both, it’s that simple.

Do you want to be forever stuck paying someone else’s mortgage and working 50 hour weeks just to pay for your boss’s new BMW?

You can’t expect to give your spare time frivolously to friends and family, unless you are prepared to live your whole life in the nine-to-five grind.

Social media? It’s a disease.

If you use Facebook, you may as well have tuberculosis.
LinkedIn is like smallpox.
Twitter? It’s leprosy.

If you spend your time looking at other people’s success online, you are never going to escape the rat race. Wake up, buy some books, and learn how to take control of your life.

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I’m not fake like the others.

I will always tell it to you straight, without any BS. There are thousands of other courses out there by people who just want your money.

This is not another crazy marketing scheme or scam that doesn’t give back.

This is not another money-sink like your pension or private education.

This is not another carefully-engineered, psychological ploy to take money from the uneducated, desperate, or naive.

My method is tried and tested, and I have hundreds of absolutely genuine testimonials from real people on my website, so go to my website.

Why should you work away your whole life being broke, when you deserve to be sipping cocktails in the Bahamas on a daily basis?

You deserve better, and I know this simply because you clicked on my ad.

Give me money.

Full-time designer and consultant, rest-of-the-time writer aiming to teach from experience. Get in touch: davonmassi@gmail.com

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