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Tips from someone that used repetition as a key to success

When I put fingers to keyboard around the start of June this year, it wasn’t my intention to keep it up for a month. In fact, the thought didn’t even cross my mind. It’s only after a week of unprecedented consistency that I realised it was by far a new record for me. If a week was behind me already, it made some twisted kind of sense to shoot for a month and make it a thing.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

I wake up so early.

How to create an environment that doesn’t steal your attention

Image by Viktor Talashuk

Your attention is a very valuable commodity.

Essential lessons coming straight from the horse’s mouth

Illustration by Kollsd

Hello, my name’s 2020.

Apocalypse bingo is a real thing

Variety was a big focus this time, and I do deserve a medal for creativity.

If you want to be consistent, you should probably be predictable

Photo by Faris Mohammed

My secret weapon to staying consistently effective in every day life, is that I created an ‘every-day life.’

Staying on track when your life goals are floating away

Illustrations by Cdd20

Does this sound like you?

Your brain on clickbait; “It’s not what you think”

Anyone who has clicked this far has probably already figured out the answer.

With only one rule to follow, it’s a lot harder to fall off the path

Photography by John Thng

When the day is over, the work you’ve done adds-up. You walk away knowing you’ll reap the reward with some new numbers in the bank at the end of the month.

Making this work…

Step 1: Find some dice

Ominous, powerful die floats above the photographer’s palm
Ominous, powerful die floats above the photographer’s palm
Above: Art by Erik Mclean

At some point in your life you have probably looked at another person with immense wealth and success, then chalked it up to luck. Maybe it was luck.

  1. Learn how to make dice
  2. Throw your dice again and again

The terrible crime of saving fauna and the urban environment.

I scatter edible plants everywhere in my city. I plant them in playgrounds, drive-through planters, littered along highways or hidden in little corners of the urban landscape. Is a deer going to eat an apple, carry the seed and spread a new tree somewhere nearby? I hope so.

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