10 Things to Unlock Your Total Focus Right Now

How to create an environment that doesn’t steal your attention

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Image by Viktor Talashuk

Disable notifications

Before the days of smartphones, silent mode was enough. These days you need a much stronger pesticide to keep the situation under control.

Put down social media

We’re social creatures, so it’s really easy to want to spend your time messaging friends or absorbing pictures of cats through a convenient little screen.

Take your charger to the front door

You’re working at your desk and it’s sitting in your peripheral vision. A little blinking light that screams ‘look at me!’ really isn’t conducive to productivity, so don’t let it be there.

Tidy your workspace

Even if you have stacks of paper, and a bunch of little trinkets on your desk, it doesn’t take much time to scoop them all up and put them literally anywhere else. Generally speaking if they’re out of sight, they’re out of mind.

Hide your videogames

Candy Crush does not belong on your home screen. Every time you go to check for directions or send a message, it’s colorful little icon is teasing your dopamine centre.

Delete your bookmarks

Typing out the website you want to visit is only slightly more inconvenient than clicking on that little button at the top of your screen.

Check your e-mails in the morning

For most people, the mail they receive does not require their immediate action, and can usually wait until the next day. Task-switching makes it harder for your mind to stay on-track, and in this case, the anticipation of incoming mail is just another thing impeding your subconscious.

Reduce your screen real-estate

Most screens have become convenient windows into a world of concentrated distraction. If you sit at your desk with a phone, laptop, tablet, and smart-watch in front of you, you’re creating opportunity for getting side-tracked.

Drown-out the outside noise

Unpredictable noises disrupt concentration, because back in the caveman days, they needed our full attention as an unidentified, potential threat.

Define when it ends

If you work all the time you will burn out and you can’t avoid it. When getting into your ‘productive time,’ first decide what’s going to come next.

The common secret is removing your distractions

Inside your head is a human brain, just like everyone else’s. It’s specifically designed to get through life taking the path of least resistance, so it’s important sometimes to remove all the other paths.

Full-time designer and consultant, rest-of-the-time writer aiming to teach from experience. Get in touch: davonmassi@gmail.com

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